Piano Lessons for the Curious Mind

Join me to explore exciting music, sharpen your mind, and discover what you are capable of.

I am an experienced teacher, adjudicator, and performer offering lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced piano students, as well as theory. I teach students of all ages and abilities with a focus on fostering self-confidence and musical artistry. The foundation of my lessons is developing the mental control which allows for fluent self-expression. I teach at the Maritime Conservatory of Music and privately.

Why I Love Teaching

In a nutshell, I teach because I want every student of mine to know how amazing they are as a person. I want to help them discover that if making music is interesting to them, they can absolutely do it and do it well. I want them to come to know that their self-improvement is inevitable when they are consistently focused on moving towards their goals. I want them to see first-hand that no matter how well they play, they can always find improvement. Perfection is a myth, and that is a beautiful thing because they can always keep learning. But most of all, I teach because when an interested student is regularly taking steps towards their goals, it is just plain fun for everyone.

“I have had the privilege of working with Michael for over ten years, and it has been an absolutely amazing experience. He is a great teacher, accompanist, musician, and mentor and is always working hard to make sure his students succeed. His lessons are informative and fun, and he is always finding new ways to keep me engaged. I would highly recommend him as a teacher for any age group, as I have learned so much from him over the years!”